Pray the Rosary Apps: Scriptural Rosary, MMP Rosary, Catholic Family Rosary

Pray the Rosary with Catholic Apps: Scriptural Rosary, MMP Rosary, Catholic Family Rosary

The Rosary is beautiful devotion that Our Mother calls each of us to do daily for the protection and salvation of our souls. It is a powerful weapon in our spiritual battle against Satan and Our Blessed Virgin Mary promises 15 graces to those praying the rosary daily, in addition to the graces promised with each separate devotion. There are various ways to pray the rosary that will rejuvenate your love for this devotion. Pray the rosary daily with the Scriptural Rosary app, MMP Rosary app, or the Messy Catholic Family Project Rosary app.

Pray the Scriptural Rosary App

The most holy Rosary, a word which means “crown of roses”, is based on many Christian prayer traditions going all the way back to third century when the Desert Fathers used stones and prayer ropes to pray the 150 Psalms. Over the course of the next one thousand years, the Hail Mary developed and finally appeared in its entirety in the Catechism of the Council of Trent, officially being approved in 1568.
However, despite the late approval of the Hail Mary prayer, it is the story of St. Dominic and his vision of Mary that laid the foundation of what we now call the Rosary. In 1214, Mary appeared to St. Dominic, presenting him with a string of beads and the appropriate prayers, which began the early form of the rosary. St. Dominic had a strong devotion to Our Mother and so spread the devotion of the rosary wherever he traveled.
The rosary initially started as prayers said with the use of beads to keep track and it wasn’t until the mid 1400’s when the mysteries of the rosary were introduced by a Polish Carthusian Monk, Dominic of Prussia. The purpose was to give the prayer of the rosary a unique opportunity to ponder on the key events in the lives of Jesus and Mary during each decade. The original mysteries were the Joyful, Glorious, and Sorrowful Mysteries, with the Luminous Mysteries being added much later by St. John Paul II.
Today, there are many variations of the Rosary that consist of the same prayers and yet add in other devotions to help in the contemplation of the Word Made Flesh. One such devotion is the Scriptural Rosary, which uses Scripture passages before each Hail Mary to meditate upon. The Church has given us particular passages from the Bible that support the mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

Benefits of the Devotion

When Our Blessed Mother Mary appeared to St. Dominic and Blessed Alan de la Roche, giving them instruction on the Rosary, she also gave to them 15 promises that would be granted to any of the faithful that prayed the Rosary daily.
  1. The reception of powerful graces;
  2. Her special protection;
  3. A powerful weapon against Satan, destroying vice, strengthening the resistance against sin, and defeating heresies;
  4. Virtue and good works will flourish;
  5. The salvation of your soul;
  6. The protection against misfortune;
  7. One will not die without first receiving the necessary Sacraments of the Church;
  8. The reception of special graces at the hour of death to obtain eternal life;
  9. Deliverance from Purgatory;
  10. Glory in Heaven;
  11. Special requests granted;
  12. She will come to the aid of the devotee;
  13. Every angel and saint will be the intercessor;
  14. Become a child of Mary;
  15. The Rosary is a sign of predestination.
The Scriptural Rosary in particular allows us to grow in our knowledge of and relationship with Jesus Christ and Scripture, along with purifying our souls. Furthermore, it gives us strength in virtue and is a special weapon against Evil.

Features of the Scriptural Rosary App

This app features:
  • Audio and text of the Scriptural Rosary, including a scripture passage to meditate upon before each Hail Mary
  • A full history of the devotion

Pray the MMP Rosary App

The Marian Movement of Priests (MMP) was found by Italian priest, Fr. Stefano Gobbi in 1972 after reportedly receiving messages from Our Lady. In one of the messages, Fr. Gobbi claims that Our Lady told him to have confidence in her Immaculate Heart. She also told him to gather with other priests and religious to make an act of consecration to her Immaculate Heart. This act of consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary became known as the Marian Movement of Priests.
The MMP has now spread worldwide, despite the unapproved Marian messages given to Fr. Gobbi. Currently, the Church does not recognize the messages, known as interior locutions, as authentic to Mary and rather Fr. Gobbi’s own meditations. However, the Vatican has yet to issue an official position regarding Fr. Gobbi’s messages and the movement. The American branch of the MMP did receive an official papal blessing from St. John Paul II.

Today, the MMP gathers in what is known as cenacles of prayer, following in the example of the Twelve Apostles who gathered in the upper room with Mary when the Holy Spirit descended upon them. Each cenacle consists of an invocation to the Holy Spirit, the recitation of the Holy Rosary, a prayer for the Holy Father, a reading and meditation on the messages of Fr. Gobbi, and a final act of consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Benefits of the Devotion

The primary focus of the MMP Rosary is to pray for the strengthening of the Church. The MMP stresses three spiritual values: personal consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, unity and devotion to the Pope, and faithfully trusting Our Mother Mary.

Features of the MMP Rosary App

This app features:

  • Audio of Fr. Charles Becker praying the Marian Movement of Priests Rosary, with audio of the MMP messages between each decade
  • Audio of Fr. Becker praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet
  • Audio can be downloaded and stored on your phone so you can listen without using data or cell service
  • Various text blessings
  • A full history of the devotion

Pray the Catholic Family Rosary with the Messy Family Project Rosary App

The Messy Family Project was born out of a dedication to encourage parents with practical advice on building a better family culture at home and in society. It began as a podcast but then quickly grew to a resourceful and encouraging blog.

Michael and Alicia Herman began the Messy Family Project to share their best practices and practical advice in strengthening marriages and Catholic family life. They encourage others to make Christ the center of the family, sharing the Faith with children.

Part of making Christ and faith the center of family life is praying with your children. The Catholic Family Rosary app is perfect for teaching children how to pray the Rosary as well as keeping them engaged during family prayer time.

Features of the Messy Family Project Rosary App

This app features:

  • Audio and text of the family-friendly Messy Family Project rosary, making it easy to teach to and pray with children

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